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Don’t let the bad guys hold your data hostage.

Ransomware attacks continue to rise as more users make the transition to the cloud. Did you know? The shared responsibility between cloud service providers and user organizations sometimes leads to gaps in cloud security.

Ransomware attacks can

  • cripple your organization's productivity.

  • damage a business’ reputation and brand image.

  • expose sensitive company data.

  • cause a financial impact on the organization due to ransom payments.

  • create vulnerabilities that lead to subsequent cyber-attacks.

Don’t allow the misconfigurations, poor access key management, and vulnerable cloud security disrupt your business.


The cloud is not immune to ransomware attacks.

DataMotive’s unique offer provides you with immutable backups that allow you to confidently restore your valuable company data. Recover your encrypted backup files in just 10 minutes. No need to pay the ransom.


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Frequently Asked Questions

A ransomware attack is malware used by cybercriminals to encrypt and hold your data and systems hostage until you pay a ransom.

Ransomware attacks can affect businesses of any size and in any industry. Users of different operating systems (OS) such as Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac PCs, and other forms can be attacked by ransomware.

A ransomware attack can halt critical business processes, compromise systems, expose sensitive data, delete databases, and generally disrupt business continuity.

Having an effective backup and recovery solution in place is critical. You can recover using two types of backup:

Hot backup copy: this is an online backup that is actively accessible to users. Replicate data to another appliance. This data can be modified by users, and the changes are applied to the original database and the backup copy.

A cold backup copy is an offline backup that cannot be modified by users. The data is replicated to other media such as the public cloud (AWS, Azure, etc.), NAS, FC, ISCSI, attached disks, or tapes.

Prioritize preventing malware attacks and preparing for ransomware removal. Have a reliable backup restoration plan in place to avoid the disruption caused by the attack. DataMotive’s ransomware recovery solution provides the help you need to recover from ransomware and ensure your business continuity.

Skip the mess. Skip the stress.

Get your ransomware protection and
recovery plan in place today.