Software Engineer - Development Engineer

No of Positions:
3-6 years
The ideal candidate will be passionate about building resilient, scalable, and high performance distributed systems products.

The ideal candidate will be passionate about building resilient, scalable, and high
performance distributed systems products. This individual will thrive and succeed in 
delivering high quality technology products in a fast-paced and rapid growth 
environment where priorities could shift quickly. This person has an innate drive to build 
a culture centered on customer focus. Facing customer for understanding the 
infrastructure, deploying the solution, preparing automation scripts and debugging and 
resolving issues will be part of responsibilities. We are looking for an engineer who 
prioritizes well, communicates clearly, and understands how to drive a high level of 
focus and excellence within a strong team.  

Who will love this job?

  • Attracted to creativity, innovation, and eagerness to learn. 
  • Alignment to a fast-paced organization and its short-term and long-term goals. 
  • Working with customers on their infrastructures, learning and understanding complex 
  • Designing and delivering optimum solutions for customer requirements 
  • An engaging, open, genuine personality that naturally encourages interaction with 
    individuals at all levels. 
  • Strong value system and sense of ethics. 
  • Absolute dedication to premium quality. 
  • Want to build strong core product team capable of developing solutions for 
    complex problems in areas of systems, virtualization, cloud & data management 

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Driving the success of the software engineering team at Datamotive. 
  • Collaborating with senior and peer engineers to prioritize and deliver features on the 
  • Developing the platform source for enterprise grade quality, scale, and 
  • Research and bring innovative solutions to develop features and solution in an 
    optimized manner. 
  • Work with test team and customers to understand application deployment and 
    configuration in infrastructure like VMware vSphere, AWS, GCP, Azure clouds. 
  • Learn and guide team members for developing newer features, understanding 
    technologies etc. 
  • Front facing customers for product introduction, knowledge transfer, solutioning, 
    bugs triaging etc. 
  • Write new programs with clean and testable codes that will integrate with the 
    existing software systems. 
  • Conduct pilot tests to assess the functionality of newly developed programs. 
  • Design, develop and deliver best in class workload mobility platform. 
  • Help write technical documentation. 

Technical Skills

  • 3 – 6 years of experience in software development in complex distributed systems. 
  • A strong understanding of architecture of distributed systems, datastructures & 
  • Programming knowledge in one or more of GOlang, C, C++, Python or Shell script 
    will be preferred. 
  • Insights into development of client-server applications with good breadth across 
    networking, storage, micro-services, and other web technologies. 
  • Experience in SCM tools like Git, Gitlab, debugging tools will be preferred. 
  • Experience in customer facing roles will be preferred. 
  • Should be a computer science graduate with strong fundamentals & problem
    solving abilities. 
  • Understanding of virtualization and cloud platforms like VMware technologies 
    and/or Cloud Technologies like AWS, GCP, Azure and/or Kubernetes will be 

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Software Engineer - Development Engineer

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