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Key Challenges in IoT

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    Fragmented Cloud Deployment

    IoT devices generate massive data, leading to dispersed cloud storage. Lack of a unified platform for deploying applications across multiple clouds poses multiple challenges including data synchronization complexities, increased operational overhead, potential security vulnerabilities, and hindered scalability.

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    Cloud Agnostic Architecture

    IoT organizations struggle with making workloads portable and truly cloud-agnostic, resulting in tight coupling with a specific cloud service provider, limiting their flexibility to choose different providers based on specific needs.

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    Access to Analytics Infrastructure

    Most IoT companies rely on timely and effective analytics for decision-making, process automation, and operational optimization. This necessitates access to real-time analytics infrastructure for efficient operations.

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    Data Security and Recovery

    Ensuring a consistent and reliable method for recovering application data during disruptions, as well as safeguarding sensitive data from breaches and ensuring compliance, poses another significant challenge for the IoT industry.


Datamotive's IoT Solutions:

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    Multi-Cloud Integration

    Datamotive's EasyMigrate enables seamless multi-cloud integration by leveraging target clouds' native compute, network, and storage, eliminating any hypervisor dependencies.

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    Truly Cloud Agnostic

    Datamotive empowers IoT organizations to use the full potential of a hybrid cloud environment, ensuring that their workloads are entirely agnostic of any hypervisor dependencies, thus allowing seamless operation across diverse cloud environments.

  3. 03

    Real-Time Analytics

    Datamotive's EasyAnalytics swiftly restores analytics infrastructure and data in just 10 minutes, empowering IoT companies with timely insights for prompt and informed decision-making.

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    Data Resilience

    Datamotive features a self-healing replication engine, ensuring continuous data protection and disaster recovery assurance with swift recovery times.

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  • Real-Time Insights in 10 Minutes

    Make swift decisions for enhanced agility

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