Express Analytics with Datamotive: Real-Time Insights in Just 10 Minutes

Access real-time analytics within a definite time frame of 10 minutes with zero impact on production performance and security.


How Datamotive Solves These Challenges

  1. 01

    Swift Insights

    Obtain the entire analytics infrastructure,
    platform, application, and data in 10 minutes.

  2. 02

    Seamless Performance

    Experience zero impact on production
    performance and security.

  3. 03

    Compliance Assurance

    Ensure continuous replication of data with
    maintained compliance and regulatory controls.

Unlock Insights Instantly with Datamotive’s EasyAnalytics

Click (EasyAnalytics), See (Data), Act (on Insights)

  1. 01

    Access to analytics with a click of a button

  2. 02

    Real-time data available in 10 minutes

  3. 03

    No impact on production workloads

  4. 04

    Indifferent to workload size

  5. 05

    Easy setup - no pipelines needed

  6. 06

    Continuous data security, compliance, and regulatory controls

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