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Promoting accelerated growth and continuous uninterrupted services, while ensuring compliance and data security for HealthTech companies.


Key Challenges in HealthTech

  1. 01

    Disaster Recovery

    HealthTech systems are commonly used for patient monitoring, diagnosis, and treatment planning, and are susceptible to severe consequences for patient outcomes during disruptions, thus necessitating a robust disaster recovery plan in place.

  2. 02

    Multi-Cloud Scalability

    HealthTech deals with sensitive patient data that is subject to strict regulatory standards, thus requiring multiple clouds for customized security and compliance controls based on different geographies or regulatory needs.

  3. 03

    Data Security

    HealthTech heavily relies on sensitive patient data, and with the continuous growth of information, the complexity and significance of managing patient privacy and data security increases, underscoring the need for incorporating robust security measures.


Datamotive's HealthTech Solutions

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    Accelerated Growth

    Datamotive facilitates accelerated growth for HealthTech companies with a cloud-native approach and a 10-minute cutover SLA, ensuring uninterrupted services.

  2. 02

    Efficient Compliance Management

    Datamotive’s disaster recovery systems allows you to recover data and systems and also replicate the necessary compliance measures without disrupting production workload.

  3. 03

    Disaster Recovery Assurance

    Datamotive ensures swift disaster recovery for healthtech companies, with a 10-minute recovery time objective (RTO) across cloud service providers, ensuring data security and uninterrupted services.

Empower your Enterprise with

  • 10-Minute Cutover SLA

    Swiftly transition operations without interrupting critical services within 10-minutes.

  • 30% Faster RPO

    Improve the resilience of your systems with a 30% faster Recovery Point Objective (RPO).

  • 60% Lower TCO

    Experience a 60% reduction in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), ensuring optimal cost efficiency and value.

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