From Classroom to Cloud: Transform Education with Datamotive

Seamlessly integrate, assure compliance, and enjoy uninterrupted services with Datamotive's 10-minute SLA.

Seamlessly transition educational workloads to the cloud, ensuring the integrity of data—crucial for maintaining accurate educational content and student records.


80% of education leaders use cloud for improved efficiency

Key Challenges in EdTech

  1. 01

    Data Fragmentation

    Siloed data across multiple platforms hindering streamlined educational processes.

  2. 02

    Downtime Disruptions

    Unplanned downtimes disrupting virtual classrooms and hindering the learning experience.

  3. 03

    Security and Compliance Concerns

    Stringent regulatory requirements causing hurdles in managing and securing sensitive student and institutional data.


Datamotive's EdTech Solutions:

  1. 01

    Unified Data Mobility

    Datamotive's hybrid replication engine ensures 100% data consistency across diverse cloud platforms, ensuring a unified and comprehensive view of student and institute information.

  2. 02

    Disaster Recovery Excellence

    Datamotive's self-healing replication engine, coupled with a 10-minute cutover SLA, minimizes downtime disruptions, guaranteeing uninterrupted virtual classrooms and sustaining the learning experience.

  3. 03

    Enhanced Security and Compliance

    Datamotive replicates and recovers all compliance and regulatory controls without additional effort, ensuring the secure management of sensitive student and institutional data.

Empower your Enterprise with

  • 60% Accelerated Timelines

    Swift migration allows educational institutions to adapt quickly to evolving technological landscapes

  • 100% Data Consistency

    Reliable and accurate information for educators and students

  • 60% Lower TCO

    Allows educational institutions to allocate resources efficiently

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