Un-interrupted Omni-Channel Retail Experience

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Bring together store and online retail experiences, scale services, and gain quick access to real-time data in just 10 minutes for an ultimate customer experience


45.31b The global retail cloud market size is USD 45.31 billion.

Key Challenges in Retail

  1. 01

    Evolving Shopping Trends

    Customers frequently switch between in-store and online shopping, necessitating a smooth integration of both channels.

  2. 02

    Data Accessibility

    The ongoing challenge lies in obtaining real-time data to facilitate well-informed decision-making processes.

  3. 03

    Analytics Bottlenecks

    Complex pipelines hinder the setup of analytics infrastructure and platform.

  4. 04

    Compliance Complexity

    Navigating complex regulations poses a challenge for the retail sector, demanding meticulous data management to ensure compliance and avoid potential penalties.


Datamotive's Retail Solutions

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    Enhanced Blended Retail Experience

    Datamotive enables centralized monitoring, ensuring enhanced control and management of retail operations for a consistent and reliable blended retail experience.

  2. 02

    Effortless Data Access

    With a 10-minute real-time data access guarantee, Datamotive’s EasyAnalytics empowers retail businesses to make informed decisions in real-time for enhanced customer experience.

  3. 03

    Disaster Recovery Excellence

    Experience a 30% faster RPO with Datamotive’s advanced disaster recovery solution, ensuring minimal data loss and downtime for a stable retail experience across both online and in-store settings.

Empower your Enterprise with

  • 10-Minute Cutover SLA

    Ensure swift system updates with minimal disruption, allowing your operations to run smoothly and adapt to new software without impacting the customer experience

  • 100% Data Consistency

    Ensure 100% data consistency crucial to developing business strategies, inventory management, pricing, and marketing

  • 60% Lower TCO

    Strengthen retail profitability with reduced operational expenses

  • 10-Minute Real-Time Data Access

    Enhance decision-making, enabling a proactive approach to market trends and customer demands

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