Introducing true Hybrid, Multi-Cloud Workload Portability

The Datamotive Hybrid, Multi-Cloud Workload Portability platform converges disaster recovery and workload mobility across and between on-prem and public cloud platforms. With it's breakthrough, patent pending technology, Datamotive can seamlessly and instantaneously scale, migrate or recover any virtualized workloads across hypervisors. At the core of the Datamotive platform is a replication engine that enables online, hypervisor-level, block-level, agentless, incremental replication. The recovery engine enables instantaneous recovery of the protected workloads in the target platforms native formats. With no on-the-fly source to target format conversions required, Datamotive provides a flat 10 minute RTO SLA and a configurable RPO SLA, you no longer need to match hypervisor technologies or clouds.

The platform is built grounds-up to support all major private and public cloud hypervisors with built-in WAN optimization, security, orchestration and automation, providing IT leaders with simplicity, enterprise scale, and agility to truly adopt a hybrid, multi-cloud architecture. This allows you to utilize the hypervisor platform or cloud of your choosing depending on your workload, cost, customer affinity, without being locked into a specific hypervisor or cloud platform for disaster recovery and workload mobility.

Platform to Platform migration

Key Technology Pillars

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    True Agentless Replication - No agents, binaries, or files to be copied on protected virtualized workloads

    Zero impact on performance of your business services / workloads

    No need to provide additional compute or memory or storage for your workloads, as required for agent-based replication platforms

    Scalable, WAN Optimised, Secure Replication Engine with built-in Compression, Dedupe and Encryption

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    No need to expose business services/workloads to external networks or internet access.

    No customer information ever leaves their environment. Not even the metadata of the infrastructure

    With online, incremental, agentless replication, business services/workloads are a complete black-box to Datamotive replication. Whether you are running SAP, or Databases, or custom applications, Datamotive doesn’t know of it and only replicates the changed blocks.

    Piggyback on existing network connectivity between source and target sites. Whether it is VPN, DirectConnect, or MPLS, Datamotive works with what is available.

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    Industry leading flat Recovery SLA of 10 minutes, irrespective of the size of the workload, application or cloud

    Configurable RPO SLA with online, incremental replication allows you to align replication intervals with your business needs

    Replicated workloads are stored in snapshot storage, with no running compute for protected instances on target site, providing hot DR SLAs at the cost of cold DR.

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    Single-pane-of-glass management and experience for Business Continuity and Mobility across major private and public clouds

    Consolidate your DR Sites to a single cloud, with consistent flat 10 minute Recovery SLAs

    Seamless single-click recovery with integrated full runbook automation removes the need for infra devops and simplifies orchestration

    Orchestrate recovery of entire business service (group of VMs) for single-click recovery with ability to automate execution of custom scripts

    Full RestFul APIs and Python SDKs for automation and integration

Platform Architecture

Datamotive Platform Architecture
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