EasyHybrid DR

The 10-60-100 Advantage

  • 10
    10-Minute Flatline
  • 60
    60% lower TCO without
    compromising on SLA
  • 100
    100% Data Consistency
    from first Replication
Disaster Recovery Insights: EasyHybridDR Dashboard Overview

Surviving the data crash with a 10-minute recovery SLA and 60% lower TCO

The industry's disaster recovery solution with a lightning-speed recovery with a 10-minute flat-line SLA — across clouds or within the same cloud. You name it, we recover it.

Even the most robust systems can face disruptions, but with a solid disaster recovery (DR) plan, you can quickly return to full operations. EasyHybridDR does exactly this with its 10-30-60 Advantage.

  • 10 Min TRO

    10-minute RTO

    Recover your system within 10 minutes, minimizing downtime and ensuring business continuity

  • Faster RPO

    30% faster RPO

    Achieve a 30% faster RPO, minimizing data loss and enhancing overall system resilience

  • Lower TCO

    60% lower TCO

    Deliver a 60% lower TCO without compromising on SLA and automation, ensuring cost-effective disaster recovery

  • Data Consistency

    100% Data

    Guaranteed 100% data consistency in the first replication itself

  • Reverse Replication

    Differential reverse replication

    A seamless way to move back to the primary site with the same 10-minute recovery SLA

Key Benefits

EasyHybridDR delivers uninterrupted services with zero data loss. Being the industry's only disaster recovery replication engine with a 10-minute flat line SLA, EasyHybridDR comes with many benefits for your organization:

  1. 01 Obtain a flat line 10-minute recovery SLA irrespective of workload size and type
  2. 02 Reduce your DR Total Cost of Ownership by up to 60%
  3. 03 Consolidate multi source clouds into a single DR cloud; one SOP
  4. 04 Replicate and recover 100% of the compliance controls, disk encryption, masking
  5. 05 Achieve true single click recovery via scripts in Python, Golang, or Shell scripts executed as part of the recovery process
  6. 06 SAML integration and role-based access to dashboards and reporting
  7. 07 Automate Day 2 operations with auto-detection and update to DR plans for any changes to source workloads.
  8. 08 Secure first-time ever reverse replication to bring workloads home with the same 10-minute recovery SLA.

Experience uninterrupted services and expert-level performance with the industry's only hybrid-cloud DR replication engine with a 10-minute flat-line SLA.

Why Do Organizations Use EasyHybridDR?

  • Reverse Differential Replication

    With its one-of-a-kind "Reverse Differential Replication" mechanism, EasyHybridDR minimizes data transfer (egress) costs and reduces the effort required to revert from the DR site to the source cloud.

  • Self-Healing Replication

    EasyHybridDR is the industry's first WAN-optimized hybrid cloud replication engine with self-healing replication, ensuring continuous data protection with minimum impact of network issues on the replication process.

  • Lower Total Cost Of Ownership (TCO)

    EasyHybridDR reduces TCO by 60% through its patented technology, leveraging native cloud storage. It shuts down non-essential services during disaster recovery, achieving substantial operational cost savings.

  • Compliance And Regulatory Controls Replication

    EasyHybridDR replicates and recovers all compliance and regulatory controls deployed on workloads without additional effort, allowing organizations to maintain compliance even during the recovery process.

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