The 10-50-100 migration framework guarantees the least disruption to business services and accelerate your cloud journey by 50%

  • 10
    Migrate with minimum disruption to business services a 10-minute cutover SLA
  • 50
    Accelerate your migration timeline by 50%
  • 100
    100% Data Consistency
    from first Replication
Workload Portability at a Glance: EasyMigrate Overview

EasyMigrate is an innovative hypervisor-agnostic replication engine that ensures seamless workload portability from any public, private cloud to any public, private cloud and repatriate workloads.

Migrate with minimum disruption to business services with a 10-minute cutover SLA

Migrate your workloads seamlessly, securely, and with all compliance and regulatory controls:

  • Flatline SLA

    10-Minute Flatline Cutover SLA

    Regardless of the workload's source cloud, platform, or size, EasyMigrate ensures a swift cutover within just 10 minutes.

  • Cost reduction

    Reverse Differential Replication

    With its reverse differential replication, Datamotive allows an option to come back in case of any issues on the target cloud.

  • Data Consistancy SLA

    100% Data Consistency in the First Replication

    EasyMigrate guarantees data consistency right from the first replication, reducing the need for multiple replication attempts.

EasyMigrate treats OS, platform, app, and data as one unified unit, preserving workload integrity.

  • Operating System (root disk including all OS configurations)
  • Platform (SAP, Oracle, MS SQL Server clusters, data masking, application server platforms, microservices, containers)
  • Application (custom, CoTS), application code and configurations
  • Data (all attached data)

Key Benefits

EasyMigrate offers unparalleled advantages for migrations (cloud workload portability), ranging from ensuring absolute data consistency to seamlessly enabling test recoveries. Here are a few:

  1. 01 Obtain 100% replication consistency
  2. 02 Reduce migration bubble cost by 50%
  3. 03 Secure least business service disruption as part of migration
  4. 04 Decrease replication cost by 60%
  5. 05 Leverage target cloud services from day One
  6. 06 Configure migration RTO based move groups
  7. 07 Experience a true one click migration with scripts executed as part of the recovery process
  8. 08 Conduct unlimited test recoveries prior to actual cutover

EasyMigrate eliminates cloud migration challenges like replication inconsistencies, hypervisor dependencies, incomplete migrations, configuration errors, and manual efforts required to rectify mapping discrepancies.

EasyMigrate addresses common concerns like lack of scripting support for interdependencies automation and delays in recovery.

Why Do Organizations Use EasyMigrate?

  • Hypervisor Agnostic

    If you're looking to use different cloud services (multi-cloud) or a combination of cloud and on-premises setups (hybrid cloud), EasyMigrate's hypervisor-agnostic approach allows you to choose the cloud setup that best suits your business needs. You don't have to worry about compatibility issues when migrating data from one cloud to another, allowing you to easily change cloud technology without getting stuck with a single option.

  • 10-Minute Cutover SLA

    EasyMigrate's 10-Minute Flatline Cutover SLA allows smooth workload portability between clouds within just 10 minutes, irrespective of your workload's source cloud, platform, or size. This minimizes downtime, ensuring you are able to maintain uninterrupted productivity.

  • 100% Data Consistency

    EasyMigrate ensures 100% data consistency from the initial replication, preventing data conflicts or synchronization errors due to multiple replication attempts.

  • UI, CLI, Scripting Support

    With a user-friendly interface, command-line capabilities (CLI), and support for scripting, EasyMigrate significantly reduces the migration timeline by at least 60%.

  • Choose the right size, network as part of the configuration

    EasyMigrate lets you easily configure workloads into their target environments by specifying the required size and network parameters. This streamlines the migration process, eliminating the need for manual adjustments post-migration and ensuring optimal performance in the new cloud setup.

  • Leverage scripts for a single click migration experience

    EasyMigrate offers robust support for scripting. You can use Python, Golang, or Shell scripts to execute pre-defined scripts before and after the recovery process and streamline complex tasks like IP configurations and service connectivity. This ensures a smooth and efficient migration process with minimal manual intervention.

  • Differential reverse replication for recovery in case of any of issues

    EasyMigrate is the first-ever tool to employ differential reverse replication, enabling you to efficiently roll back your workloads to their source clouds without compromising data integrity or system stability.

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