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Migrate, recover, and consolidate your workloads with unmatched efficiency, compliance adherence, and a rapid 10-minute recovery time!

Revolutionize your banking operations with automated cloud disaster recovery, seamless data migration, compliance adherence, and a rapid 10-minute recovery time.


79% of banking executives are on cloud

Key Challenges in Banking

  1. 01

    Hybrid Cloud Complexity

    The adaptability of hybrid cloud presents challenges, especially in ensuring data privacy and compliance across diverse IT environments

  2. 02

    Regulatory Demands

    Scaling banking services introduces additional regulatory and compliance demands, impacting the transition between clouds and potentially causing disruptions for end consumers


Datamotive's Banking Solutions

  1. 01

    10-Minute Cutover SLA

    Datamotive offers a groundbreaking 10-minute cutover Service Level Agreement (SLA), ensuring minimal downtime during cloud transitions, preserving critical banking operations.

  2. 02

    100% Data Consistency

    By ensuring 100% data consistency in the first replication, Datamotive eliminates the risk of data loss during migration, providing a reliable foundation for banking systems.

  3. 03

    Accelerated Timelines

    Datamotive accelerates migration timelines by 60%, optimizing efficiency and minimizing disruption in banking workflows, ensuring uninterrupted services for your customers.

  4. 04

    Faster Disaster Recovery

    Benefit from a 30% faster Recovery Point Objective (RPO), reducing data loss and downtime, critical for maintaining banking operations.

  5. 05

    Lower TCO

    Datamotive delivers a 60% reduction in TCO, ensuring cost-efficient cloud solutions without compromising on performance.

Empower your Enterprise with

  • Real-time Data Access

    Access real-time data within 10 minutes, enabling swift decision-making and enhanced customer responsiveness

  • Simplified Analytics Infrastructure

    Streamline analytics with simplified infrastructure, removing complex pipeline setups and minimizing the need for IT intervention

  • Risk Mitigation

    Minimize data loss, reduce downtime, ensuring effective risk mitigation while safeguarding critical data and maintaining operational continuity

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