Public Cloud DR

Public Cloud DR

Public Cloud DR at 60% lower TCO and flat line 10-minute recovery

Adopt a public cloud DR and eliminate physical site requirements with a 10-minute flat line recovery


How Datamotive Solves These Challenges

  1. 01

    Cost Efficiency

    Enjoy a 60% lower TCO by leveraging native cloud storage, ensuring efficiency without compromising workload security or business service SLAs.

  2. 02

    Single click recovery

    Leverage scripts executed as part of the replication and recovery process for a single click recovery process

  3. 03

    Cross-Platform Capabilities

    Pick a public cloud of your choice, eliminate hypervisor dependencies while maintaining 100% data consistency.

Unmatched Public Cloud Resilience with Datamotive

Lower Costs, Expedited SLAs, and Absolute Data Consistency.

  1. 01

    Achieve a 60% lower TCO

  2. 02

    Attain a 10-minute RTO

  3. 03

    Enjoy cross-platform capabilities

  4. 04

    Ensure a functional DR compliant with regulatory requirements.

  5. 05

    Conduct isolated recovery drills without disrupting production workloads

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