Transforming Healthcare, Data Security across Clouds

Ensure security, compliance, and swift recovery times for uninterrupted patient care.

Accelerate healthcare transformation through swift cloud adoption ensuring cost-effectiveness and operational efficiency


83% of healthcare relies on cloud for core operations

But struggles with challenges related to data security, scalability limitations, and complexities of operating in multiple cloud environments.

Key Challenges in Healthcare

  1. 01

    Security Concerns

    Healthcare data is highly sensitive, and organizations handle a significant volume of confidential information, rendering them attractive targets for cyber threats and unauthorized access.

  2. 02

    Maintaining Compliance

    The healthcare sector is subject to stringent rules to protect patient data, ensure ethical practices, and adhere to privacy regulations, making it crucial for organizations to maintain compliance with industry regulations and standards.

  3. 03

    Data Resilience

    Healthcare data is exposed to challenges like system failures, accidental deletions, or cyberattacks, underscoring the need for organizations to incorporate robust backup and recovery strategies.


Datamotive's Healthcare Solutions

  1. 01

    30% Faster RPO

    Minimize data loss, ensuring continuity in healthcare operations.

  2. 02

    60% Lower TCO

    Cost savings empower healthcare organizations to allocate resources efficiently.

  3. 03

    10-Minute Real-Time Data Access

    Immediate access to critical healthcare data for timely decision-making.

  4. 04

    10-Minute Cutover SLA

    Swift data restoration, ensuring minimal downtime during critical healthcare scenarios.

  5. 05

    Regulatory Compliance

    Ensure healthcare regulatory compliance with non-disruptive compliance testing and centralized monitoring aligned with SLA requirements.

Empower your Enterprise with

  • Compliance Assurance

    Automated compliance controls replication

  • Reliability

    A 10-minute flat line SLA ensures
    minimal downtime

  • Non-Disruptive Testing

    Conduct regulatory compliance tests without
    compromising critical healthcare operations

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