Nothing can now stop you making informed and timely decisions least of all data disasters

Recover your data in 10 minutes. Not a minute more.


Eliminate over-provisioning of your data

Say goodbye to data replication across your business groups.

Duplicated files drive-up storage and data transfer costs

Having a solid Analytics Anywhere strategy in place, significantly cuts the risks and losses.

Analytics Anywhere is a simple and affordable solution that can be tailored to suit your unique business needs.


DataMotive’s intuitive features make managing your cloud data recovery a walk in the park.

  • Built-in monitoring and alerting of Datamotive Nodes. Email Notifications

  • Stateless Replication Nodes to support horizontal scalability

  • Bandwidth throttling to control the flow of data between source and target Datamotive nodes

  • Check-point based data transfer to recover from intermittent data transmission or network failures.


DataMotive sits as an appliance outside of the instances—virtual servers running your applications from a public or private cloud network, and operates at the hypervisor level.

It creates “read-only” accounts and leverages APIs from the service provider to get the changed data. This eliminates any security or performance impact on the instances and the workload.

1. The first replication iteration is a full copy of the VM (Virtual Machine) from the source environment to the target cloud platform.

2. The following iterations replicate the changed data from the previously completed replication iterations. Datamotive does not require any agents to be deployed or installed on the protected VMs.

3. Each VM is completely treated as a black box by Datamotive. As a result, the enterprises’ workloads (VMs) require no operational management. They don’t require any special security configurations, and there is minimal performance impact on the business applications.


“Do I really need Analytics Anywhere?”

Here’s how DataMotive’s Analytics Anywhere benefits you

With Datamotive, organizations can move their data, platforms, and applications as one cohesive unit. This happens within 10 minutes—guaranteed—so enterprises can make data-driven decisions in truly real time.

  • A definition for the undefined – real-time recovery means “within 10-minutes.”

  • No component left behind – data, platforms, and applications.

  • One data copy, and only one copy – various business groups access the same copy of data via the application pipeline, rather than creating their own duplicate copies.

  • Reduced effort and infrastructure expense – eliminate the need for infrastructure DevOps during the recovery process.

  • Production environments remain secure with ZERO impact on operations.

The best part is that you own the Analytics Anywhere strategy, planning and execution activities. Datamotive will collaborate with you in the implementation and execution of the Analytics Anywhere strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Data motive enables organizations to move their data, platforms, and applications as one cohesive unit. This happens within 10 minutes—guaranteed—so enterprises can make data-driven decisions in truly real time.

With analytics anywhere, any employee can leverage existing business intelligence (BI) tools, in any department or any location, to tap into any data source.

Request a free demo and someone from the DataMotive team will contact you. We will work with you one-on-one to create the best solution for your business.

Analytics anywhere as a function has been enabling businesses in making informed decisions - both operational and strategic, by deriving insights from the data these businesses have been collecting.

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