Nothing stops the game.
Least of all data disasters

Recover your data in 10 minutes. Not a minute more.

Eliminate the disruptions.

Say goodbye to data loss caused by network outages, power outages,
equipment failure, fires, natural disasters, and pandemics.

These disasters can affect your business’ security measures,
and user experience, and cost a lot of money. Having a solid
DR strategy in place significantly cuts the risks and losses.

Cloud disaster recovery is a simple and affordable
solution that can be tailored to suit your unique business needs.


With its comprehensive feature set, Datamotive makes hybrid cloud adoption seamless and operationally efficient for organizations across all verticals and sizes.

  • Single SLA

    Business-criticality-aligned protection plans

  • Single SITE

    Consistent 10-minute recovery SLA

  • Single SOP

    Up to 40% reduced effort with 60% lower TC

  • Easy, Non-Disruptive Deployment

    Only deploy Datamotive virtual appliances in source and target environments and get started in minutes. No agents, no network overheads.

  • Native Cloud Recovery in 10 Minutes

    Recover workloads in the cloud-native format in 10 minutes, regardless of workload size.

  • Non-Disruptive Recovery Drills

    Perform unlimited, on-demand test recovery drills. Validate for DR and migration without obstructing production replication.

  • Remove the physical DR site for the best TCO

    A self-service model can help you save up to 60% on TCO, reduce operational complexity, and gain control.

  • Maintain compliance controls

    All controls, PCI and HIPAA, are replicated and recovered across workloads and databases.

  • True single click recovery

    Leverage pre-script and postscript features to script load balancer configurations, DNE entries, and application inter-dependence


DataMotive’s intuitive features make managing your cloud data recovery a walk in the park.

The Best part is that you own the DR strategy, planning and execution activities. Datamotive will collaborate with you in the implementation and execution of the DR strategy.

  • Business-criticality-aligned protection plans

  • Stateless Replication Nodes to support horizontal scalability

  • Bandwidth throttling to control the flow of data between source and target Datamotive nodes

  • Check-point based data transfer to recover from intermittent data transmission or network failures.


Do I really need Cloud DR?

Here’s how DataMotive’s Cloud Disaster Recovery aids your Business Continuity.

  • Keep your data protected in a secure virtual environment.
  • Cloud DR significantly reduces network downtime and will help save you money, especially in the long run.
  • By eliminating the need for traditional infrastructure, systems can be seamlessly relocated to a secondary site.
  • Immediate failover—the recovery of IT operations to a secondary system when your main system fails.

Frequently Asked Questions

Datamotive enables grouping of workloads and replication frequency based on service criticality, thus ensuring a complete alignment with the client's business continuity plan. Datamotive enables a seamless recovery from a disaster to the primary production environment with its incremental reverse replication feature.

Request a free demo and someone from the DataMotive team will contact you. We will work with you one-on-one to create the best solution for your business.

Disaster recovery strategies help ensure business continuity during a disaster. Disasters that cause data loss include network or power outages, system failures, natural disasters, accidents, or cyber-attacks.

Recover your company’s critical systems in just 10 minutes.

Fast deployment, flexibility, and scalability make DataMotive the best solution for Cloud disaster recovery and business continuity.