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Smooth data recovery in just 10 minutes. No heavy lifting is needed.

Data portability, Platform portability, and application portability, all in one.

Move entire workloads seamlessly to the Cloud Service Provider of your choice with Datamotive today.


Don’t Get Locked In

Did you know? The traditional method of streaming data from source to destination leads to lagging data transfer and longer recovery times.

Two factors could be hindering your business. A definition for the undefined – real-time recovery means “within 10-minutes.”

  1. Agent-based cloud mobility solutions impact service performance and increase the number of vulnerabilities within an organization’s infrastructure.
  2. Different cloud vendors have different APIs, capabilities, syntax, and other operations that make workload portability challenging.

Reliance on agents and lack of flexibility creates vendor lock-in. This could hinder your company regarding budgets and priorities.

Mature IT workloads are very complex. Achieving workload portability isn’t as simple as many believe.

Datamotive’s hybrid multi-cloud workload mobility lets you move entire workloads from one cloud or on-premises centre to any cloud. IN A SINGLE CLICK.


Datamotive was built for the hybrid multi-cloud. Our solution provides the ability to seamlessly migrate workloads across cloud platforms.

Datamotive has NO data stream requirements. We can ensure 100% recovery of the entire workload along with data.

As part of the recovery, Datamotive leverages the native computer network and storage services.

Combining the two elements; no data streaming + leveraging cloud-native services is what makes Datamotive the ideal cloud disaster recovery and business continuity solution for your company.

Move workloads at any time, as per your business needs.

Datamotive is a solution with support for a wider range of platforms and CSP agnostic migration. Our process gives you the freedom to choose your cloud service provider (CSP) based on workload needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Datamotive supports workload mobility for Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, Google Cloud, VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, and Linux KVM.

Yes. Hybrid cloud infrastructure blends two or more different clouds whereas multi-cloud infrastructure blends different cloud platforms of the same type.

A cloud workload is an application, service, capability, or program that can be run on a cloud resource.

The different types of workloads include general compute workloads, CPU intensive workloads, memory-intensive workloads, GPU accelerated computation, and storage optimized database workloads. That makes deep learning applications, databases, containers, microservices, VMs, and Hadoop nodes all types of cloud workloads.

A cloud workload consists of all the resources and processes needed to make an application useful. An application is simply a code that performs a given function.


Datamotive defines a completely new hybrid cloud operating model by eliminating the underlying hypervisor dependencies and delivering a consistent recovery SLA.

We partner with our clients and work together to set up your seamless migration.

  1. Our specialists work with you to collaborate on the opportunity’s qualification and sizing.
  2. You handle the strategy for move group planning, portfolio dependency matrix, and landing zone.
  3. Your dedicated team works with you on the Datamotive installation, actual migration of the workloads, and cutover execution.
  4. After migration testing, we carefully create a cutover plan—the transition from a company’s old systems into a new one.

Datamotive sits as an appliance outside of the instances—virtual servers running your applications from a public or private cloud network, and operates at the hypervisor level.

It creates “read-only” accounts and leverages APIs from the service provider to get the changed data. This eliminates any security or performance impact on the instances and the workload.

  1. The first replication iteration is a full copy of the VM (Virtual Machine) from the source environment to the target cloud platform.
  2. The following iterations replicate the changed data from the previously completed replication iterations. Datamotive does not require any agents to be deployed or installed on the protected VMs.
  3. Each VM is completely treated as a black box by Datamotive. As a result, the enterprises’ workloads (VMs) require no operational management. They don’t require any special security configurations, and there is minimal performance impact on the business applications.

Why is Datamotive the Ultimate Cloud Mobility Partner?

1. Migrate from any cloud to any cloud, natively

2. With agentless, incremental replication

3. 10-minute recovery regardless of size

4. Single-click cloud migration

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